Blue Pineapple Café

Homemade Artisan Baked Goods


With our roots in Michigan, our family strives to share the best homemade artisan baked goods with as much value and heart we can. Our way of giving back to the community means connecting with comfort and tradition, quality fresh ingredients and a history of service.
A Coast Guard Veteran family, we understand that family and food bring us all together. Our goods represent the passion of flavor and uniqueness of Michigan with a twist of paradise.


We look forward to welcoming you at Blue Pineapple Café.


The idea for Blue Pineapple Café came up during the summer of 2019 when we moved from Hawaii to Michigan, our last official Coast Guard duty station. We had always loved West Michigan, the lakes, the lighthouses and the views, however, with a love for the islands and a passion for pineapple, decided to fuse our flavors into one. The Blue Pineapple Café offers unique traditional artisan baked goods and variety of fresh local Michigan fruits with a twist of infused pineapple. 

However, after realizing there was an opportunity to advance in the small business and baking industry, we decided to pursue something on our own terms. From our experience we knew how to bake, source and sell high quality baked goods, but we recognized a way to enhance our family recipes and bring new tastes with flavor, value and comfort to the community.

This passion for exceptional homebaked taste, island influence, and love of Michigan enabled us to pursue our dreams and led us to start our business in February of 2021.