Blue Pineapple Café

Homemade Artisan Baked Goods

Blue Pineapple Café


Quality ingredients, homemade freshness, family recipes shared locally in Michigan!

This is reflected in the whole process, the quality, the flavor and choice ingredients. Decadent baked goods and dried fruit made to enjoy!

Dedication in every step of the process means we care about our community, what we are baking and why we are part of your day.



Blue Pineapple Café is family friendly, veteran owned, home business dedicated to serving you the best fresh baked artisan goods made with local ingredients here in West Michigan.

You will get a friendly experience! Sharing specialty artisan breads,  delicious muffins, and decadent treats. Healthy choices, local and organic ingredients all with homemade freshness!

We look forward to sharing our taste of homemade with you!

Blue Pineapple Café

Accepting phone and email orders only at this time.


We produce a variety of fresh, comforting artisan breads and baked goods from scratch with family and tradition in mind. Always with a homemade taste, quality ingredients combined with a unique twist on flavor, our baked goods will have you sharing with friends and family for any occasion! 

Our method highlights the natural flavour of local ingredients using the freshest fruits and healthier recipes. Simple and tasty, Blue Pineapple Café  brings a unique twist to homemade, making everybite as good as it can be!

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Family and Veteran owned, support small business and give back to our local community!